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Uses and Abuses of Astrology in Renaissance Milan. The intellectual relevance of astrology in the cultural and academic panorama of the late medieval and early modern periods is well known and has been widely treated in the history of science and ideas.

Monica Azzolini contributes to fill this gap with a fresh and innovative investigation of astrological practice in the court of the Sforza dukes from the raise of their dynasty under Francesco, in , to its fall when Milan capitulated to the French army, in Her study is based on a wide range of materials so far neglected by historians, in particular letters, manuscripts, and documents related to the Milanese Quattrocento preserved in Italian and European archives and libraries. Her detailed discussion of epistolary exchanges, interpretations of horoscopes, and medical reports demonstrates how important astrological expertise was in the eyes of the ruling classes of that age.


These documents permit her not only to unveil the backstage of Renaissance diplomacy but also to scrutinize the passions, hopes, and fears of those prominent people, who confidentially asked their trusted astrologers remedies for health problems, analyses of uncertain political scenarios, support in their decisions, and confirmation of their expectations. The book opens with a chapter summarizing the theoretical tenets of Renaissance astrology and, more particularly, reconstructing the teaching of astrology and astrological medicine at Pavia, which was the University of the Duchy, closely linked to the Milan court.

The rest of the book is the narration of a family saga from the viewpoint of the patronage of astrology in the context of evolving Italian politics. Chapters 2 to 5 are devoted to one of the four succeeding Sforza dukes, whose different uses of astrology permit Azzolini to examine different aspects of that discipline and of its practice.

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Chapter 2 introduces the issues of astrological medicine at court, and the application of astrology to the planning of dynastic alliances during the reign of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti. For his immaturity and continuous illness, the new duke was excluded from power by his tutor and uncle Ludovico Maria who became the de facto ruler of Milan. While Gian Galeazzo was relegated to the Castle of Pavia, his health was the subject of an intense correspondence between physicians using astrological medicine and his relatives, in particular Ludovico.

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Her investigation has special relevance in the light of famous allegations directed against Ludovico. Contemporaries and historians accused him to be the murder of Gian Galeazzo, whom he allegedly poisoned when the political constellation was the most propitious for seizing the throne of Milan. To him and his astrological excess is dedicated the last chapter of the book. He entrusted Varesi with planning marriages and establishing the most apt moment for every kind of event, including diplomatic meetings, the ratification of alliances, and military undertakings.

He constantly resorted to elections i. Stars were deemed to influence events, that is, to incline toward them without necessity. As Azzolini observes, the use of astrology increased in times of crisis and uncertainty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Hellenistic astrology. Balkh , Khurasan. Further information: Astrology in medieval Islam. Further information: Renaissance magic.

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See also, Neugebauer pp.

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University of Texas, San Antonio. Mattar; et al. University of Singapore. Brown Published by The Warburg Institute. Arcade Publishing, Brahe is described as "an acknowledged master of astrology", Galileo as "a dabbler, though by no means an adept" and it is said of Kepler that "astrology informed his entire career". Sarma ed. Archived from the original PDF on Coe, 'The Maya', pp. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Musica universalis Tetrabiblos. Astrologers by nationality List of astrologers.

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    renaissance astrology chart Renaissance astrology chart
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    Renaissance astrology chart

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