18 february horoscope 2020

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Horoscope 2020 – Love, Money & Career

The house of income is also auspicious and will bring many satisfactions, as a result of your efforts. Thus, the money will be one of your favorite topics this year. Your efforts at work will be now recognized and will bring undeniable benefits. Capricorn and Libra are some of the lucky zodiac signs of this year, and they will have support in career and professional fulfillment. The first eight months of the year will give you the chance to establish countless contacts in all spheres of life, to make friends, and to develop lasting relationships.

In March, a special transit will occur for this zodiac sign because the planet of luck and change will send its beneficial rays upon the most important sector of your life: house and family. If it was raining today and you forgot your umbrella, you merely get wet. If the aspects are not supportive of ease and happiness, just be mindful that you are in samsara. That protects you from agitation.

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Taurus Buddhists love to be grounded and practical. This month be present to what transpires in your immediate environment. Speculation would not be useful as it opens the door to superstition and anxiety. Be present and compassionate.

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This month things are basically good. The Sun, Neptune and Pluto all support you from a distance. These are secondary influences to help you be happy and feel comfortable. Be mindful of your speech, especially midmonth. Uranus and Mercury will be square your sign and this could cause you to be impulsive and say the wrong thing. Astrology is just an influence like the weather. This means right now the conditions are basically good but you have to be careful of an unexpected shower or two.

Gemini Buddhists are quick on their intellectual feet. This month be friendly and inspirational. Gemini has a strong intellectual capacity so be mindful of your speech and be supportive verbally of others. This month everything still seems a little out of balance. Mars and Uranus are strongly aspected to your sign so patience is important.

Move with patient grace as things unfold. These aspects are good if you are in a slump but they require skill to use the powerful energy properly. Cancer Buddhists normally work with feelings.

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This month be reflective emotionally. Do meditations that increase your patient insight into the nature of samsara and its suffering.

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A good month to be mindful of the four noble truths. This month you might have an enlightening moment in the first two weeks. The Sun and Neptune are conjunct and in opposition to your sign. That is great for profound insights provided you are not materialistically focused. This aspect could cause materialists to be confused and lacking focus. People with a spiritual vision will see the expanse of the sky as never before.

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It only lasts for the first two weeks, so keep you spiritual eyes open. Leo Buddhists like to be motivators. Keep your vision on the grand scheme of things, not the little details. This transition Mercury in Pisces also constitutes an excellent ally at the moment of getting to know other spiritual currents, or exchanging knowledge with people with a mystical or religious vocation.

The trend will be reinforced with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 4, which will touch the House XII of Pisces, an event aimed at definitively releasing the past, to start a new cycle. The available alignments can incite the natives of Pisces to change career to dedicate themselves to something spiritual or creative, to participate in projects of artistic or humanitarian nature, or even to try to balance these aspects with their present professional occupation.

In addition to the therapeutic sessions and spiritual practices meditation , prayer , relaxation exercises, outdoor walks in places where water abounds , massages and acupuncture , will be the best aspectated activities during the season.

This planetary movement will help you go from self-discovery Chiron in Pisces to the healing of beliefs and self-esteem. Chiron in House II of Pisces is supposed to stop seeking validation from others through the approval or accumulation of material goods, because you are wonderful as you are, with everything that makes you different.

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18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020
18 february horoscope 2020 18 february horoscope 2020

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