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Need peace. A seeking soul. Soul wounds, bad luck or loss may follow this number, which also gives an abundance of strength and stubbornness in the face of difficulties. The road to success is often bumpy and hard, and if it comes easy, or at all, it will not necessarily bring happiness. Contains the innovation and creativity of the number 1, but even if 10 stands for prosperity and abundance, it also contains the seed of both rise and fall, of the good and the bad.

The positive aspect of number 11 is idealistic and inspired imagination. The negative aspects are fanaticism and unreasonableness, but also dishonesty, greed, self-indulgence and even perversion. From a different position, 11 warns against hidden trials, disloyalty and betrayal from others. Also: Creativity, writers. This number is associated with exploration, genius and breaking with the orthodox.

It warns against the unknown and the unexpected. It requires adaptation to change to be successful. This number contains an over excited and nervous energy. It is connected to all kinds of communication, through the media, across national borders. Money, business and speculation is strong, but there is always a risk of loss connected to the constant movement in this number.

Warns against natural disasters of all kinds. It rules magicians, alchemy, black magic, want of erotic experiences, actors and eloquent speakers. This number warns against all kinds of catastrophes. Disappointments, humiliations, threatening dangers, accidents, disasters. Life as you know it might change completely. Sometimes this is self-inflicted, sometimes it is not. A special sensitivity is present, often artistic.

Harmonics in Astrology by Addey John

Steve Jobs. Serial killers. However, the position of the number may change its meaning. Mel Gibson. Not a good material number, but is considered good for spiritual development. Delays and obstacles.

What is an Aspect in Astrology?

As far as I have seen, 21 is a creative number, and is often found in connection with writers and authors like the number The negative aspects are despotism or immorality. From a different position, 22 warns against lack of discernment, of being overconfident, relying on the wrong persons, and being deceived. When you look for configurations, would you include points like the ascendant or planets only? Marjorie, perhaps you should consider adding a natal Harmonic chart interpretation to your consultation services.

John Addey

Thank you for the list! The strong formations tend to involve Sun, Moon, Chiron and Mercury.

Also, 7th and 21st have Venus on my Ascendant. Addey would add the other harmonic aspects too, such as the quintile, the decile, etc.

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I had no understanding of why certain degrees had certain indications. The positions of Fixed Stars explained some but not all of them. John Addey explains this by using a wave theory. This means that the 5th harmonic would have 5 peaks and troughs, the th harmonic peaks and troughs, the 12th harmonic 12, and so on. This also explains why some degrees are areas of perhaps six or eight degrees while others are only one degree.

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By considering the meanings of the numbers themselves, he saw significance when several of these peaks or troughs coincided. This also would help explain the difficulty astrologers have in determining the orbs of aspects since the peaks and troughs have different lengths, and it also indicates that we should think of signs and aspects in these waves rather than as one box placed against another box with definite boundaries.


Numerology and the Interpretation of Aspects. The conjunction is regarded as two energies united or merged with each other. They are in the nature of Oneness or unity. Twoness is regarded as hard or difficult. There is tension, conflict, challenge, difficulty, and effort since with Twoness there is the self and another. Next, we have the trine which is regarded as soft, easy, harmonious, pleasurable, enjoyable, giving facility or a free flow. It is an aspect of pure Threeness. Then we have the mixed groups such as the sextile, semi-sextile, and the quincunx.

The sextile is regarded as being mainly a soft aspect, but since it is made up of 2 and 3, an element of Twoness tension, effort, etc. So we say that sextiles are favorable Threeness but effort is required to realize their benefits Twoness.

Meanings of Harmonics 25 to 32

With the sextile, one is striving toward facility and enjoyment. Now astrologers are having to look to numerology to understand Fiveness and Sevenness. Life is made up of cycles within cycles within cycles. The beauty of this is that it does all make sense. Hello Donna: I am a retiree who is now digging into these things like harmonics. I find you clear and straightforward to my Texan-Virgo mind.

I would like to request your email address so I can communicate with you a bit more than this box allows. Would that be possible? I hope so. Regards, Mark E.

john addey harmonics astrology John addey harmonics astrology
john addey harmonics astrology John addey harmonics astrology
john addey harmonics astrology John addey harmonics astrology
john addey harmonics astrology John addey harmonics astrology
john addey harmonics astrology John addey harmonics astrology

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