Venus eclipse january 8 astrology

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That's only two years and four months later — way short of a Saros cycle. But it will be a different kind of event in terms of length, the visual size of the Moon, and so on. So all of the eclipses linked to a specific Saros cycle are like a family—line, with strands of astronomical DNA held in common.

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Together, they are called a Saros Series. There are separate solar and lunar Saros series, by the way.

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All of them are assigned numbers. Currently, for example, there are 41 active lunar Saros series happening. But each Saros series evolves, and eventually dies. Their life spans vary a lot, but you can think in terms of a Saros series lasting a very long time — say, a thousand years.

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Obviously this is complicated territory. Space and format mercifully prevent me from getting "book length—technical" in this newsletter. If you want to learn more, there is a fine article about the Saros cycle in Wikipedia — just Google "Saros astronomy " and it will take you directly to Virgo paradise. You may be wondering what any of this has to do with astrology. Fair enough. Your mileage may vary, but in my experience lunar eclipses, while visually captivating, have not impacted me much more than the monthly Full Moon — like you, I just grow a coat of fur, sharp fangs, and a compelling jones for human blood.

But, taken as a Saros series, these same lunar eclipses might provide a powerful missing link in the foundational logic of evolutionary astrology.

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The key is to remember that the nodes of the Moon are critical to eclipses — and that the nodes of the Moon are also the heart of what makes evolutionary astrology a unique discipline within the field. They are what links your chart to reincarnation — the long journey of your soul through human history. And just maybe lunar eclipses — and the Saros seris — can focus our attention on certain specific periods in history, perhaps periods which feel inexplicably familiar and real to you. Earlier, I mentioned Murray Beauchamp.

He has been part of my Australian apprenticeship program pretty much from the beginning, and he has developed some intriguing ideas about the lunar Saros series. You can still get it via the American Federation of Astrologers. You can also contact Murray directly at lunarsaros gmail. Murray has lectured quite a lot in Australia and New Zealand, but his work is pretty much unknown in the northern hemisphere.

His ideas are still formative, but I already find them extremely intriguing. Look for the lunar eclipse immediately prior to your birth. It does not have to be Total; it can be umbral, or even penumbral. Find out which Lunar Saros series that pre—natal lunar eclipse belongs to. Then look for the first umbral eclipse in the series. That is the birth of the series. Murray says make sure it's the first umbral eclipse — not the first eclipse of the series, which is always penumbral and does not count. By the way, The Cryptic Cycle contains tables and Internet links that will help you with all this.

The lunar eclipse that immediately preceded my own birth was part of Lunar Saros Series That cycle began with an umbral lunar eclipse on June 16, A. What follows is totally subjective and quite possibly meaningless. All I can say in defense of what I am about convey is that the inevitable first test of all astrological techniques lies in one's own personal experience. I would never teach anything that failed to illuminate my own life.

We must of course eventually go beyond our narrow ego—world in order to make sure we are not turning a personal quirk into a cosmology. Before we open our mouths, we need to be sure that what we conjecture will be helpful to people in general. But everything begins with your own personal astrological experience, and that's natural. No one should be ashamed of it. The 12th century, when my own Saros series began, is the High Middle Ages. For what it is worth, I have always related in a strong, visceral way to that time.

The Gothic cathedrals were rising. A kind of humanism entered Christianity, and with it, the onset of many of the very battles that I am still fighting in this lifetime, publicly and personally. Was I once there as a literate monk? I thought so — and Cluny was in active upheaval around the time of the lunar eclipse that started "my" series.

I did not know about my specific astrological connection to that time until I met Murray Beauchamp. In common with many Westerners, my knowledge of Chinese history is pitiful, although it has improved somewhat since I began teaching there a decade ago. There is a weird familiarity about China for me, which leaves me with no doubt that I've had lifetimes there.

For some previously inexplicable reason, I lit up the first time I encountered the architecture, style and romantic history of the Song Dynasty — which I had never heard of before I began visiting that country. I felt sure that I'd had a lifetime in that period.

You guessed it: the fingerprints of Saros Series are all over it.

A quote from Wikipedia: "The Southern Song dynasty — refers to the period after the Song lost control of its northern half of China. During this time, the Song court retreated south of the Yangtze and established its capital at Lin'an now Hangzhou.

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I've spent many happy days in Hangzhou, and felt a compelling sense of deja vu there, especially in the Buddhist temples in the hills above the city. My heart is telling me that Murray Beauchamp is onto something with his research into the lunar Saros series. Did I live in one or both of those times? If both, were my incarnations separated by some multiple of the Saros cycle?

If I had to formulate a hypothesis, it would be this: that a lifetime or lifetimes spent around the beginning of the lunar Saros cycle reflected in the lunar eclipse just before your birth represent the roots of the karmic issues with which you are reckoning today. I would also like to pursue the obvious conjecture that we might tend to take birth around other subsequent lunar eclipses in "our" Saros series.

I've not yet explored that possibility. Like almost everything of lasting value in astrology, the answer will not come from one person, but rather from marrying the idea and the entire astrological community in the alchemical cauldron of time. We may know the answer in a generation or two, in other words — but only if we ask the question.

In any case, it is something to ponder as the big—as—it—can—get Super Moon turns to copper on the night of January One last thought — the Lunar Saros series of which this upcoming eclipse is a member began on July 7, As time goes by, it will be interesting see if events around that historical period have any apparent karmic relevance to some of our friends who are in utero at the moment.

I also note that The Bank of England was founded in that year and it is the model on which most modern central banks are based. I find this intriguing, especially in light of Uranus crossing back into Taurus on March 6 and the world's economy seeming to be on the verge of major evolution or even revolution as we face what people are increasingly calling "late stage Capitalism. We'll see. Close menu. Log in Create account.

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Hello Stardust Beauties! Listen for your Sun Sign and Rising. May will beckon for you to put on the brakes and take in the scenery. Not your usual MO? This month is full of signs and signals that you must slow down enough in order to get This eclipse is about reclaiming your emergence from the womb. Your right to be here on the planet, right here and now.

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It is time to emerge, stand up and dry off. Happy Solar Eclipse in Pisces! While your extremely adept on managing a budget, the last few weeks may have thrown you for a financial surprise. You are a pure representation of the spirit and flesh of your birth moment in Cosmos energy translated into matter. However, you can walk it any way you choose.

venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology
venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology
venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology
venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology
venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology
venus eclipse january 8 astrology Venus eclipse january 8 astrology

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